As long as I, Jessica Smith, can remember my Mom made outfits, costumes, matching Holiday dresses, back packs, purses and so many more things for my sister and I as we grew up.  She taught us to sew when we were old enough.  Over the years I've made so many things with my Mom that I'm proud of, and our most recent project together was made for my son Brantley.  A quilt made using 4 of his Baby Quilts for his new "Big Boy bed".  I didn't want to stop using his special quilts just because he is getting bigger, so I asked my Mom what she thought and that's all it took for us to start a new project!  We pieced together these 4 quilts like a puzzle, took pictures of different positions and decided on the best way, then pinned everything together and sewed it together.  We both loved how beautiful it turned out and best of all, Brantley loves it and is very excited to have it on his new bed!!  

Jessica Smith

Website Designer

I have been sewing since the age of 5; taught by my mother who stressed to me that the garment I was making 'has to look as good on the inside as it does on the outside.'

I made my first quilt while in high school with scraps of every kind of fabric and tied it with yarn.

I continued making quilts on and off over the years and learned how to machine quilt in 1998 on my early 1950s 301 Singer Slant-Arm machine.

In 2000 I bought my first Gammill Longarm quilting machine and started quilting quilts for customers.  In 2006 I purchased a computerized Gammill Statler Longarm and am still quilting quilts for Customers today.

We will expertly put a beautiful finish to your quilt using my computer-guided Gammill Longarm quilting machine.  We also have beautiful one-of-a-kind quilts, wall hangings, and table runners for sale.  All products are made with high-quality 100% cotton fabrics and batting with hand-stitched bindings. They are all cold water, machine washable, and we highly recommend line drying.

We now sell fabric designed by using more of Grandma Vivian's hand-cut paper cuttings on Spoonflower!  Please visit my shop and see our new designs at